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How To Get Along With Children Under Quarantine

As we all know, there are many types of coronaviruses that cause mild illnesses in humans. However, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new version of coronavirus that we haven’t seen before.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This virus disrupts the rhythm of our life, so home quarantine has become essential.

Quarantine is easy for single young people, but a big headache for many families with kids. Except for working from home, parents need to take good care of their children from all aspects and almost every day. So how get along with your children under quarantine? We can share some tips here, hope they are helpful.


Tip One: Manage your emotions well 

Most people feel anxious and scared, not only about the unexpected health threats but also to their work, so they are irritable during the quarantine period.

Please realize that little kids may know nothing about the virus, so they have no idea what happened outside of this house, they just look at your reactions. Your abnormal irritability may increase their fear.

Please try to calm down and find the inner peace yourself, this is not easy to do, but your kids need. You can ask your partner for help if it is difficult for you to do so.

Another enhancing ingredient is to use humor and laughter. Sharing good moments with your children helps to activate feelings of well-being and pleasure, very much necessary at the present moment.


Tip Two: Be honest about the situation

Parents should set a positive example for their children, adapting the information they share with them to their age. You can talk honestly about the changes produced by their current situation.

Although they might too young to understand, they have the right to know the truth. It is also a chance for you to be honest and open to them, kids would love to stay with you to fight against the unknown enemy.

So don’t afraid that the truth will make your kids worried, as I already mentioned in Tip One, kids will look at your reaction to this issue. If you are positive, they will feel safe. If you are negative, it is difficult for them to live without worry about it.

Tip Three: Have a regular routine

You may found it is very difficult to work and study at home as planned if without a correct and solid routine because we will disturb by various things.

A regular routine will save you lots of trouble. So work out an effective timetable for your children now, including when to start their schoolwork and when to end, break time is also necessary for the routine, it enables them to get the necessary rest when needed.

School settings allowed the interaction with peers, in a routine, regular, and safe context, which let them explore their world based on such interaction.

Set goals according to their daily school tasks, if possible, join in them. After all, not all children can focus on their schoolwork without any supervision.

Tip Four: Don’t focus on your cell phone or TV only

People tend to become boring when they stay home for a long time, to spend time surfing online or watching TV is the helpless choice, but not a wise one.

Always remember your kids are watching you, they will do what you are doing. To spend too much time on these have a bad influence on both of you. You can have common time watching TV together, but not every day. This is a huge challenge of self-discipline.

Try to do some meaningful things and create your special comment memories.

Tip Five: Know more about your children

For most families, parents go to work and kids go to school every day, you have little chance to communicate with your kids. This is a good chance for you!

Try to know more about them, like who they like best among their classmates, which subject is their favorite, what they normally do during class break time, etc. Listen more and give them positive feedback when need. Discussing these school topics is the easiest way to shorten the distance between you and them.

You can also find some more nice topics based on your experience. This is a previous time for mutual communication, I am sure kids will feel more of your love for them.

Tip Six: Try to finish housework together 

Some parents may think kids will only cause trouble, so they never ask their kids to help with the housework. Actually, kids are very pleased to help you, if your way is correct.

You don’t need to arrange too difficult tasks for them, some simple and easy takes are good choices from the beginning. Such as water the flowers, feed dogs, wash dishes, cook, fold clothes, sweep floors, etc.

During the quarantine in China, almost all the mothers and kids become cookers! Kids enjoy it and find a sense of achievement, parents feel relaxed during this process too.

You’ve got all that stockpiled food, so ask them to help make a pizza or pasta or pancakes. Even a simple dessert. They’ll be proud of themselves once it’s done. Don’t think they will make your house in a mess, you can make it back to normal together too. The process is interesting and meaningful, believe me, your kids will love it!

Tip Seven: Care about kids’ emotions 

Mothers are normally more sensitive about the emotional changes of their children, but sometimes they may not tell you and just want to stay for a while.

If your little girl or boy has their dolls or toys, you will find they tend to show their emotions via caring about their dolls or toys. This is also a nice way to transfer their stress. What you can do at this time is just accompany them quietly and give any help if they need it.

You can also think of some special ways to make them feel you care about their ‘friends” too. Such as help them find the missing doll clothing, make a mini face mask for their doll, or try to make a new hairstyle for their doll. If you do so, you will find that kids are willing to be your teacher and tell you what their ‘friend’ thinks at this moment. Very interesting and moved.

Tip Eight: Play creatively 

You may be surprised to find normal Puzzles has become a new trend in many countries now, we can also find more indoor activities if we are willing to. Kids get boring much easier than an adult, so make sure your play activities are various and interesting.

It may not possible to play different things every day, but try to avoid repetition. A fresh atmosphere will make your life much easier. You can ask your friends for help, or you can make full use of the internet, please believe all the parents face the same problems, so there is some useful activity list online already!

Tip Nine: Ensure enough exercises 

As you stay in the house most of the time, so the amount of exercise will be less than normal days. If you have plenty of space, lucky. If no, don’t worry too.

A piece of  yoga mat, a TV screen is enough for you if you don’t have too much equipment. Do some yoga if you are a yoga lover, or try some aerobic exercises. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga. GoNoodle is also really cool. It has multiple options that are guided by vibrant, easy to understand instructors: dancing, yoga, stretching, calming, games centered on health and wellness.

Children may don’t like these, but they would love to try. Please ensure you have common sport time, a strong immune system helps fight against the virus effectively.

Enjoy the sports moments together will help all of you release from the anxious and boring quarantine too.

Tip Ten: A short outdoor time

Although it is risky to walk outside, especially for a place with lots of people. It is probably OK to get outside in your yard and, at your discretion, taking a quick walk. It’s also necessary to get out some of that cooped-up energy. Throw around a ball. Draw with sidewalk chalk. Jump on that trampoline that you’ve ignored.

Children will love and treasure this moment, which is also a nice reward for their nice behaviors at home.

Tip Eleven: Life Education

Strengthen life education and enhance children’s awareness of self-protection. Parents can use the anti-COVID-19-epidemic incidents that children see in the media or experience in person to guide them to understand the value of life and establish respect and love for life and nature. Instruct children to improve their self-protection awareness and ability, learn to be responsible for their own health, their own safety, and their future, so as to care for life, health, and nature.

This particular circumstance has changed lives in multiple ways, learning to appreciate aspects and details taken for granted in the past, which has brought out the best in every person. Such circumstances would allow people to emerge stronger, not only at an individual level but as a society in general, setting a former precedent for future generations.


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