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MGA Entertainment launches new #Hairgoals series 2

If you are familiar with the market of plastic toys recently, you will find a brand that has obtained more and more attention from the public, that is, L.O.L surprise.

We have reported that L.O.L Surprise! by MGA Entertainment Won the Prestigious “Toy of the Year” Award at the 19th annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards. 

MGA Entertainment has detailed the launch of its LOL Surprise franchise’s #Hairgoals Series Two as well as its first O.M.G. boy fashion doll, following what has been another year of critical acclaim for the brand.

What is LOL Surprise Hairgoals series 2?

 It is the second release of a very successful LOL dolls collection with long real hair.

Series 2 features 15 surprises including a surprise doll with gorgeous real hair in a fabulous style.

The doll comes in a hairspray can that doubles as a salon playset and display case. Fans can unbox the new hairspray style packaging which doubles as a salon play-set, to find 15 new surprises inside. What’s more, each character can be dipped in water to reveal a surprise color change.

LOL Surprise Hairgoals series 2 dolls characters and their names

There are 9 new characters to collect in series 2.

 Their names are: Star Queen, AYE AYE, The Amazing B.B., Offbeat, Wake up Q.T., Rain Q.T., Shine BayBay, Small Fry, Slice

The package is unique. Each set comes complete with layers of unboxing, packaging that transforms into themed playsets, stylish accessories, and catwalk-inspired fashion looks.

For the fourth year running, LOL Surprise found itself among the DreamToys’ Top 12 Toys for Christmas. It proves that the brand’s staying power within a dolls sector that has seen strong sales and engagement across the board throughout this year of the pandemic.

This series of toys are playable and with lots of possibilities. They are on behalf of various individuals with different characters and are welcomed among kids. Just like its name, it always surprises us.

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