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Moose toys unveil Kindi Kids Minis

I have no idea when I found that a series of small, colorful figures/plastic toys existed on the market. They are in a quite small size, rich colors and with nice makeup, accessories.

They are famous all over the world and welcomed by lots of followers. Moose toy is one of these popular brands.

Moose toys unveils Kindi Kids Minis

Moose Toys is going miniature with the launch of its latest Kindi Kids brand extension, Kindi Kids Mini, a range of four-inch dolls each featuring the classic Kindi look.

The new collection feature ten Kindi Kids Minis and their unique looks, from colorful bobbleheads and glittery eyes, to poseable bodies like the original Kindi Kids dolls. The line-up includes Donatina and Mystabella, as well as newcomers Berri D’ Lish and more.

Each model represents a different character, the charming colors combination attracts kids very well, especially little girls. Although they are not functional toys, they have high exhibition value. To put them on a dresser or just on the table are all nice options.

Moose Toys senior vice president, head of US marketing and strategy, Alex Ries, said: “Kindi Kids has quickly become a beloved preschool brand, and we are delighted to introduce our fans to the adorable new world of Kindi Kids Minis.

In China, young people like collecting such kinds of small toys. Some of them purchase for themselves, the others buy them as gifts for friends. They tend to post on their social network, which has become an interesting way to make new friends who share the same hobby as them.

The toy industry is developing rapidly, new ideas come out every day, aiming to satisfy different needs on the market. Generation gaps do exist, so toys created by the new generation and the old generation are totally different. Traditional toys express their love in their own ways, new style toys have their own ways too. But it doesn’t matter, the core issue is to make the people who own the toys happy and joyful.

Which style of toys or dolls do you like the most?

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