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Play 52 Cards – The best gift for children affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Playing cards when I was a little child was an unforgettable experience, now my nephew learns more about the world through playing cards too. It is an easy and direct way to recognize the colors, shape, and meaning of the items on the cards.

Encouraging news that the UK charity London Play launches Play 52 to support children affected by the coronavirus pandemic occurs on the internet recently.

What’s play 52?

Called Play 52, the deck features 52 rendered cards, each featuring a unique playful idea or game for children aged 11 and under. The aim is for the playing cards to spark each players’ imaginations to greater creative heights whether that is through messy play, noisy play, outdoor games, indoor activities, or play for small spaces, queues, and in the car.

How exciting! It is an effective way to counter the feelings of unease among local children. As we all know that this long pandemic has created many inconveniences to people’s life, including children. Kids feel unsure about the things that happened around them, a new playing way will help to distract their attention. Meanwhile, it is different to learn from playing.

Around 2,000 packs have already been road-tested by hard-to-impress children stuck at home when London’s adventure playgrounds closed at the height of the coronavirus lockdown.

Aliya, the mum to Nina (10) and Ethan (8), two early testers of the Play 52 game, said: “At the start of lockdown I felt stressed juggling all my new roles; ‘children’s entertainer’ is not my forte. Play 52 was so welcome in our house. The cards are brilliant fun with consequently many ideas for games. The best part of Play 52? It got Nina and Ethan off their screens and playing as I used to as a child.”

All profits from Play 52 will go to London Play, the charity working to make London childhoods better and brighter. The packs retail at £4.99 each.

If it is worthwhile, why not?

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