Popular Unicorn Stuffed Pillow Blanket Multifunctional

Top-quality coral velvet unicorn Stuffed pillow blanket, can be used at home or in the office. Absolutely favorable option!




Custom Size

Details About Popular Unicorn Stuffed Pillow Blanket Multifunctional

Goods Information:

  • Unicorn design
  • Super soft material
  • Pink color
  • Item Number: PT-6

More Information:

  • Shell: coral velvet
  • Filling: Down cotton
  • Pillow size: 60cm
  • Quilt / blanket Size: 100x170cm
  • Application: At home, in the office, at the hotel

The pillow and blanket can be ordered separately, you can choose based on your requirement.

Let us know about your requirements!

How to Purchase?

  • Add it to the quote cart
  • Send an inquiry
  • Get quote
  • Negotiate and confirm the order
  • Produce
  • Shipping

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