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NY Toy Fair “Toy of the Year” : MGA Entertainment Inc.

MGA Entertainment Inc. (short for Micro-Games America Entertainment) is a manufacturer of children’s toys and entertainment products founded in 1979.

Its products include the Bratz fashion doll line, Baby Born, L.O.L. Surprise!, Num Noms and Poopsie Slime Surprise. MGA also owns Little Tikes. In the past year of 2019, their L.O.L Surprise series are welcomed among kids!

CEO of MGA Entertainment Inc., Isaac Larian, In November last year he said in an interview that they were working on a bio-degradable L.O.L Surprise! ball — it’s ready to show at NYTF! Today, on the eve of opening day, they launched a new line of “Go Green” products.

And on the last day of Toy Fair NYC! MGA Entertainment Inc. received 3 TOTYs — collectible of the year, a fashion doll of the year and the coveted TOY OF THE YEAR for L.O.L Surprise! The NPD group then presented MGA with an astounding 10 awards, including two G13 global awards!

For three years running, the Toy Fair in New York City has awarded the title of ” Toy of the Year ” to the same winner. On the occasion of his third win, founder and CEO Isaac Larian had some blunt words for the toy industry as a whole.

“Frankly, I think the toy business isn’t in good condition right now, because very few companies–smaller companies, mid-size companies–are taking the risk to invent, and come up with new innovations,” Larian told Inc. Friday at the Toy Fair, a four-day event in New York City.

A toy company keeps innovation becomes a trend in this market,  so people tend to have more interest in this type of company. I hope they will have more SURPRISE for the market!

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